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Bridging students and success through one-on-one private tutoring. For over 25 years Tutor Connection is the proven alternative to learning centers.

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Why Tutor Connection?

Extraordinary. Experience. Expertise. Emotion. Ease. Education. 

Private, One-On-One Tutoring
One-On-One Tutoring

Unlike the all-to-common impersonal learning centers, our students receive private, one-on-one instruction. 

Experienced Tutors
Not Our First Rodeo

We’ve been tutoring students for over 25 years in the Knoxville, Tennessee, and surrounding areas. 

Best Tutors
Nothing But the Best

We thoroughly vet our tutors and match each student with the most qualified teacher. 

Tutoring Success
Students First

Most of all, we care. Whether it’s raising a letter-grade or nailing the ACT, we stop nothing short of our students’ success.

Convenient Tutoring Locations
Convenience & Comfort

Environment matters. We come to the location most convenient to the student, or better yet, the place most conducive to learning. 

Passionate Tutors
Education as an End

We don’t see education just as a means to something else. We’re passionate. We see learning as an end in itself.

Ready to Learn More?

Still Unconvinced?

We’ve outlined just a few reasons why we think we’re the best. But here are just a few more reasons. 

The Reasons.
Tutoring Services

Want to learn more about our academic areas of expertise? Here’s the laundry list of our tutoring services. 

The List.
Who We Are

We’re extensively educated professionals offering students of all levels the chance to excel.

The Bio.

"Tell Tim that Anne Marie not only passed her exam but got the highest grade she had made on a test all year. Thanks!"

A father’s comment after the end of a semester of high school math tutoring

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"Ginny has done a WONDERFUL job working with John on the SSAT preparation...I would highly recommend her for any middle/high school student."

A mother’s praise for standardized test preparation

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"Thanks! Catherine is enrolled at Maryville College for fall with a full scholarship! Barbara continues to be wonderful!"

A mother commenting on her daughter’s high school and college math and physics tutor

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